Pamela J. Thompson’s Legal Practice

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.51.06 PMChild Custody – Child custody issues can present the most difficult of circumstances any parent can go through. Pam strongly encourages the parents to work this out together through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution processes when possible. Helping you understand your rights and drafting creative parenting plans to fit your needs are one of Pam’s specialties.

Adoption – this is the happiest part of the legal practice there is.  Let me help you navigate this life-changing decision you have made as your family grows!

Pre-marital Agreements – more commonly known as “prenups”.  These important documents must be carefully drafted and custom tailored to meet your specific needs.  If you are considering a prenup, let me help you answer the questions you may have so that you make the best decision for your specific circumstance.

Same-Sex Families – whether you are looking to have children together or just property, committed same-sex families need legal protection.  As you may be know, current Texas law can present challenges to the same sex couple.  Let me help you navigate around our laws so that both parties are protected when the unexpected happens.  The law firm of Pamela J. Thompson is a friend  to the LGBT community.

Divorce – Divorce can be devastating and frightening. Pam understands this and makes herself available to you to ensure you understand the process, the status of your case, what to expect, what your options are, and how to achieve the best possible outcome in this life changing event.

Wills – Every person should have a will, no matter how simple or complex their life. Pam will guide you through the process so you can decide and be in control of your estate. Pam will also help you set up your estate so that most, if not all of your estate, can pass through to your descendants without the necessity of probate.

Probate – Probating an estate can be frustrating or simple. Texas law has several specific rules you must comply with in order for assets to be legally transferred. Pam will help you get through the process.