Firm Philosophy

This Firm’s philosophy and practice is to solve your legal problem in the most efficient, quickest, aggressive way possible so that you do not have to carry the burden of your situation any longer than possible. It is this Firm’s belief and practice that the longer your legal situation drags on, the more your time, money and reputation are strained. This Firm seeks to solve problems rather than create them by engaging in unnecessary revengeful or spiteful tactics. By the same token, this Firm will not tolerate the use of revengeful or spiteful tactics on the part of the opposing party or counsel and will use professional means to bring such behavior to the attention of the court.

Family law cases are often the most difficult and heart-wrenching issues the legal system handles. In cases involving children, this Firm has a child first philosophy and our belief is that children are not owned by either parent, rather, they are owed love, security, safety, and nurturing by each parent. It is this Firm’s experience that using children to exact revenge or punishment on the other parent inevitably hurts the children and the Firm will not engage in this tactic. It is this Firm’s belief that children should be protected from the legal process as much as possible.

This firm brands itself and practices the concept of PRO-Family divorce℠…giving Parents Real Options℠. What we mean by that is that we believe that even in divorce, we will work with you to devise a parenting plan specifically tailored to your family to meet your needs during and after the divorce process. Many options exist besides the every other weekend visitation you have probably heard your friends talk about.